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Madison Family Documentary Photographer | Late Summer Sundays

From a long blue tether attached to the front porch, Chelsea bounces forward to greet me. Not yet 9 o’clock, the day has already announced it will be Uncomfortably Sticky Without a Chance of Breeze. And so it seems Chelsea’s adorable, full body shimmy leaves her champagne-hued fur just hanging in the air long after the shake.

Shannon smiles from the doorway and as I cross the threshold, I feel an honest-to-goodness wave of calm and love and kindness. Dustin and Bryce are just as sweet and authentic, and there in that instant we all feel like old friends. Genuinely. I can’t explain it. The ooze kindness.

Bryce leads the way through their cozy home into the cool backyard garden. The sun sends kisses through old ash trees, while she plucks ripe tomatoes, spindly green beans, and rosemary sprigs for breakfast.

Madison Family Photographer_0036PIN Madison Family Photographer_0035PIN Madison Family Photographer_0034PIN Madison Family Photographer_0033PIN Madison Family Photographer_0031PIN

Simple, real ingredients line their counters. Measuring, cracking, pouring, sprinkling happen over soft conversation. And soon words compete with a symphony of bubbling pancakes &  sizzling bacon. Chelsea is torn between getting comfy in sunny spot in the dining room and visiting the kitchen on bacon’s beckon.

Madison Family Photographer_0030PIN Madison Family Photographer_0029PIN Madison Family Photographer_0028PIN Madison Family Photographer_0038PINBryce masters several puzzles while her parents work the stove. Both Dustin and Shannon pause in the kitchen to chat with Bryce.
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Hash Recipe (serve 2-4)
1 Large or 2 Medium Sweet Potatoes (cleaned and diced)
4 Strips Thick Cut Bacon
1/2 Medium Yellow Onion (chopped)
1 Tbsp Fresh Rosemary (chopped)
1 tsp Garlic (chopped)
4 Eggs (cracked and beaten with 1-2 tsp of milk (optional))
Salt and pepper to taste


In a cast iron skillet, cook off bacon and set aside to cool, reserving bacon grease in pan. Turn heat on stove down to medium and add diced sweet potatoes, garlic and onion. Cook onion and potatoes about 15-25 minutes, seasoning with salt and pepper, until both potatoes and onion are soft. Add bacon back into the pan, season with rosemary and cook two minutes. Add eggs and continuously stir all ingredients until completely incorporated and eggs are no longer runny, about 4 minutes. Serve immediately with a side of sour cream if desired.

Madison Family Photographer_0025PIN Madison Family Photographer_0024PIN Madison Family Photographer_0023PIN Madison Family Photographer_0022PIN Madison Family Photographer_0021PIN Madison Family Photographer_0020PINFluffy pancakes. Sweet Potato Hash. Toast. Fruit. Coffee. Milk. Weekend breakfast is served. Yum. Madison Family Photographer_0019PIN Madison Family Photographer_0018PIN Madison Family Photographer_0017PIN Madison Family Photographer_0016PIN Madison Family Photographer_0015PIN Madison Family Photographer_0014PINThat’s it. The humidity has declared victory over long curly locks–adorable top knot it is.  Madison Family Photographer_0013PIN Madison Family Photographer_0012PINEveryone heads back to the garden to plant fall herbs. Bryce preps by filling her watering can from the rain barrel.
Madison Family Photographer_0011PIN Madison Family Photographer_0010PIN Madison Family Photographer_0009PIN Madison Family Photographer_0008PIN Madison Family Photographer_0007PIN Madison Family Photographer_0040PIN Madison Family Photographer_0005PIN Madison Family Photographer_0006PIN Madison Family Photographer_0004PIN Madison Family Photographer_0003PINWe end our visit all curled up, coffee in hand, and Shannon reading with such enchanting expression.  Chelsea watches the passers-by from her sofa throne. All is right with the world.

Madison Family Photographer_0041PIN Madison Family Photographer_0002PIN Madison Family Photographer_0001PIN

Shannon’s beautiful, tear-inducing  testimonial to our time together:

Jen Lucas Photography is the best local company I could ever give my money to. Her professional yet extremely personal attitude is superb. Her dedication to get the best session possible for her clients is beyond expectation. Jen was flexible when I wanted to make location changes, understanding and willing to go the extra mile to make us so happy. THE PICTURES! Oh my goodness. The quality is the top notch. capturing every moment of our day together in the best possible way. The face of our little daughter never looked better. Our aging dog was captured in a way that will be well remembered even after she is gone someday. Our life in a house that we love will be with us forever. Jen Lucas will be my lifelong photographer. It would be a mistake if you don’t make her yours.

Goodness, excuse me while I wipe away this little tear in my eye. Thank you, Shannon, from the bottom of my heart.

If you’re ready to schedule your own Beautifully Ordinary documentary session with me, contact me to set up a time to chat!

xo, Jen

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