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“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.” – Helen Hunt Jackson

madison-family-photographer_0045PIN madison-family-photographer_0044PIN madison-family-photographer_0043PIN madison-family-photographer_0042PIN madison-family-photographer_0041PIN madison-family-photographer_0040PIN madison-family-photographer_0039PIN madison-family-photographer_0038PIN madison-family-photographer_0037PIN madison-family-photographer_0036PIN madison-family-photographer_0035PIN madison-family-photographer_0034PIN

Off to the beach & playground! madison-family-photographer_0033PIN madison-family-photographer_0032PIN madison-family-photographer_0031PIN madison-family-photographer_0029PIN madison-family-photographer_0028PIN madison-family-photographer_0027PIN madison-family-photographer_0026PIN madison-family-photographer_0025PIN madison-family-photographer_0024PIN madison-family-photographer_0023PIN madison-family-photographer_0022PIN madison-family-photographer_0021PIN

madison-family-photographer_0020PIN madison-family-photographer_0019PIN madison-family-photographer_0018PIN madison-family-photographer_0017PIN madison-family-photographer_0016PIN madison-family-photographer_0015PIN madison-family-photographer_0014PIN madison-family-photographer_0013PIN madison-family-photographer_0011PIN madison-family-photographer_0010PIN madison-family-photographer_0009PIN madison-family-photographer_0008PINAre you kidding me with this amazing sailboat perfectly entering the frame!? Madison, I love you so! madison-family-photographer_0007PIN madison-family-photographer_0006PIN madison-family-photographer_0005PIN madison-family-photographer_0004PINSummer glow. Wet feet. Contrast between warm and cool light. And, of course, that connection piece of Dad helping daughter into sparkly shoes is such a win. madison-family-photographer_0003PINLove how other kids playing in the park have caught both kids’ attention. But the main theme for me here in this shot is all the hands.  madison-family-photographer_0002PIN madison-family-photographer_0001PINGorgeous family on a beautiful evening–just SWOON!

Heather shares a bit about their experience here:

I honestly can’t imagine having a better experience with a photographer/her business. Jen is kind, diligent, patient, understanding, and most of all…talented! Her work, I believe, is not only stellar on a local level but on a national one. We are in love with the images she took of our family. Working with two toddlers is not the easiest and she just met them where they were and managed to capture their personalities perfectly. We would recommend Jen to anyone seeking a journalistic photographer and look forward to working with her in the future!

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