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Madison Family Photographer | Late Harvest Weekend


— F Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Miles enters the sun-drenched garden and navigates the summer-worn path with ease. He makes his way to the back of the patch in search of late harvest tomatoes and beans and fills his basket with the small treasures. Eric calls to Miles to investigate a gentle bowing sunflower. They huddle together, gingerly poking at the abundant black seeds.

Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0027PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0026PIN

Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0025PINAfton nestles herself on the ground among crunchy leaves and heavy, speckled walnuts. The dappled light flickers through the trees and long shadows move across the yard. She joyfully chews on colorful baby toys, while never taking her eyes off her mama. Marita just glows–she’s absolutely connected and present with her children in such a wonderfully authentic way. Miles buzzes around with such cheer. Afton gleefully takes it all in. Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0024PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0023PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0022PINThis incredible space offers everything you could want in a Wisconsin fall–from plentiful garden to daisy pasture to playground to forest! Miles leads the way with such confidence and excitement! There is such happy chatter among this beautifully kind foursome.  They inspect feathers, pick up long sticks, and remove pesky burrs all while attentively listening & watching for the calling birds above. There is such ease in their presence–thoughtful and calm and all things curious and lovely with this crew.
Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0021PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0020PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0019PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0018PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0017PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0016PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0015PINEric and Miles just sprout energy and fun in an impromptu leaf toss. The light and the colors and the sheer giggling joy just added to this rich tapestry of a gorgeous family fall weekend.
Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0014PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0013PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0011PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0010PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0009PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0008PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0007PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0006PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0005PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0004PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0003PIN Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0002PINGood Night, Moon.  Madison Family Documentary Photographer_0001PIN

I so loved spending time with this beautiful family on such enchanting, special land. I can see why they want to explore here every weekend!

Marita’s words:

We had been looking for a new photographer for our family after the one we had worked with for a few years moved away. After reviewing Jen’s work, we knew her style would fit what we were looking for but the time spent with her (during the planning process, shoot, and reviewing images) was more than we could have asked for. Her style made our family so comfortable. Wrangling a 3 year old and 6 month old can take patience and many of her best images took place when we weren’t even aware she was shooting. And the results were stunning! The kiddos grow up and change so quickly and I know we will treasure these images for years to come. Thank you Jen!


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