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Madison Storytelling

I take my same everyday style approach to special event sessions, but over a longer period. Many events run about eight hours of documenting–some are continuous and some are segmented into four discrete sessions for variety of location, activity, people.


Madison Family Photographer |Farewell, Madison

There was snow on the ground when Soyoung told me that they would be leaving for the East Coast at the end the summer.

Madison Family Photographer | First Day of Kindergarten Storytelling

Katie spent a normal day with Mom on the day before the first day of school. They went grocery shopping, read

Madison Family Photographer | 90th Birthday Celebration

A family of girls were raised on the Near West side of Madison.Their mother turned 90 this summer and returned to

Madison Family PhotographerPIN

Day In The Life session

Maybe you’re interested in a Day In The Life (sun up to sun down!). I see jammies and bed head and coffee and pancakes to start. Then maybe you go to the Farmers’ Market and grab fresh berries and greens and a bouquet of flowers. Maybe you picnic on the Capitol lawn or lunch at favorite downtown bistro. Then there might be a stop at the zoo or beach. Or a hike in the woods. And a stretch out a picnic blanket under leafy canopy with some good storybooks. Dinner routine and warm chatter and bubbly tub and sweet tuck in. Or whatever your own DITL looks like to you!

Madison Family PhotographerPIN

First Day of Kindergarten session


Maybe you have a big kindergartner this fall! I’ll come the night before to capture you all carefully packing that First Day wholesome lunch & ladybug backpack full of bouquets of sharpened pencils, laying attentively chosen First Day clothes, maybe a bubbly tub, a favorite snuggly bedtime story. Then, I will come back in early morning for the Getting Ready piece: excited (or nervous) feet hitting the floor, special pancake breakfast with a wide-eyed little sister, maybe donning pigtails or a cute little braid, putting on that memorable First Day attire. Then we get that beautiful first of one thousand walks to school. Hand-holding, hugs, some Mama tears (I highly recommend waterproof mascara). I’ll get it all so you can be totally present on this extraordinary day.

Madison Family Photographer


Maybe you have an annual backyard BBQ that brings friends from near & far. Checkered tablecloths, mason jar lighting, smoke rising from the grill, frosty drinks on ice, friends laughing and playing lawn games.


Madison Family Photographer_0048

Trimming the Tree during a Holiday Session

Maybe Halloween/Christmas/Easter/Fill-in-the-blank is your absolute favorite holiday and you’d love a 4-part series on your special traditions. Halloween isn’t about one evening. It begins six earlier with sweet apple picking, hay rides, crisp air hiking, costume choices & make-up practice, pumpkin carving. And Christmas isn’t about a singular morning. It is a whole season filled with choosing and trimming the tree, building gingerbread houses, baking Grandma’s favorite cookies, watching the snow fall, reading Santa books, wrapping special gifts.

Madison Family Photographer

Choosing Flowers at Dane County Farmers’ Market

Maybe you’re saying good-bye to Madison (sob!) and want to document your favorite spaces and people. Let’s begin at your home–that special place that encompasses your everydayness. Then we will hit those spots around town that have been meaningful to your crew: parks, restaurants, beaches, State Street, Farmers’ Market, Memorial Union.


I’m open to any of your ideas–throw them at me! Let me work on something that is utterly special for your family, for your vision.

Contact me { jen at jenlucasphotography dot com} today to talk about your ideas!