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Madison Photographer | Wish You Were Here, Year 2, Week 4

We are a group of 23 international photographers. Every week for a year, we will share an image from a moment in our own personal world as if we are sending virtual postcards to each other. I find the curating to be an extraordinary piece of the art itself; the images take on a life that seem to speak to each other as they flow from one to the next. A visual dialogue. However, the only person who sees our individual images ahead of time is the curator. She makes it downright magical.

When we my firstborn, Jack, was six months old, it felt like a milestone. Sitting up, babbling, scooping toys, eating solid food–big stuff. Halfway around his first trip around the sun felt monumental. It started there, and now we celebrate all half-birthdays here. It’s pretty low key–no gifts, no decorations. But I do make HALF of a cake, we put on that extra HALF candle, and we sing “Happy HALF Birthday” with gusto. Did I mention cake?

Happy Four 1/2, Ben! xo!

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Please see how this image fits in so beautifully on Week 4: Wish You Were Here.

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