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Madison Family Photographer | Wish You Were Here, Year 2, Week 43

We are a group of 23 international photographers. Now into our sophomore year, each week we share an image from a moment in our own personal world as if we are sending virtual postcards to each other. I find the curating to be an extraordinary piece of the art itself; the images take on a life that seem to speak to each other as they flow from one to the next. A visual dialogue. However, the only person who sees our individual images ahead of time is the curator. She makes it downright magical.

Homework and chores completed? Check. And out he goes to wait for a friend & neighbor to be done too. It was an unusually warm October rain. He quietly paced in front of the houses, he examined raindrops on Halloween decorations and small puddles slowly form in upturned leaves. I watched the top of the black umbrella march back and forth in front of our living room window.  And then Adele’s new “Hello” starting bellowing out the kitchen radio. The forlorn ballad and my rainy explorer drew me outside (not that I connect my 8yo to sad love song, but have you heard it?!).  I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated just to rain pictures, but I rarely shoot them myself.  Throwing gratitude toward Charlie for not letting the weather deter him and Adele for being Adele.

Madison Family Photographer_0001PIN


Please see how this image fits with the rest of the group’s amazing talent: Wish You Were Here, Year 2, Week 43.  I just can’t believe we’re 7 away from finishing our second year. A blink, I tell ya, it feels like a blink of time.




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